There are quite a few things that go on all the time. Serving the community and one another is good for the soul.  And new people with new ideas are good for the community.  Here are some ways we try and out our shared values:

  • FISH Food Bank. With our friends at Washington Park UCC and others, we deliver food weekly to families in need. If you can drive or take calls, you can help! See our web site at:

  • Our doors are open to community groups. If you're not for profit, you could meet here! We already host a camera club, folks who love depression glass, chamber concerts, kids music, and our neighborhood association.

  • Adult education opportunities on Sundays and other times; Children's Sunday School; group outings to movies and plays; community events like our Oktoberfest and Christmas Cookie Walk: We run on volunteers and you can find a place!

  • And more... you get the idea!

Program Schedule

Worship on Sunday begins at 10 AM.  Worship on Wednesday is at 6:30 PM and varies in format.

Educational Opportunities:

An adult scripture study is available on Wednesday evenings at 5:45PM. 

Music: The Chancel Choir meets Sundays September thru May at 8:45 AM to rehearse. Anyone who sings is welcome and you need not attend every week.  Join us on Sunday morning if you are interested!

"Real love grasps the hand that need holds out. Needs cry out from millions I will never meet.  Justice is love operating at a distance."

-- Joseph Sittler

Epiphany Manifest

Our newsletter is called Epiphany Manifest. The word manifest means something is revealed.  And our congregation's name means pretty much the same thing.  Overkill on the title? Maybe.

But we'd really like you to get to know us.

Our current calendar of events and other articles of interest can be accessed in a PDF version of our newsletter. Click the link on the menu at the top of this page to download the latest newsletter. You may also view an up-to-date volunteer schedule in the pages of the newsletter. If you would like to receive the Epiphany Manifest monthly via e-mail, send your request to: